Rise Comrades 403: Epcot Sucks

RC 403 pic

Pastor Tim said WHAAAAAT?!?!

Episode 403 of Rise Comrades is all about Season 4 episode 3 of The Americans titled Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. We give a shout out to some of our listeners and do our pepper dance. Greg was jalapeƱo while Josh was habanero! Rise Comrades and enjoy the show!

Rise Comrades 003: Gregory ………. now where have I heard that name before?

Stone Cold Killa

“Every morning I start my day with a bowl of KGB flakes and a cup of hate flavored vodka”

Episode 3 of Rise Comrades is a little late but worth the wait. In this episode, host Greg Duplant gives rundown of all the developing plot lines of the show. Greg and co-host Josh Stewart talk about the ratings plummet from Episode 1 to 2 followed by the DVR bounce. Greg asks Josh if he ever wore Under Roos and Josh tells us the things he noticed in this episode. So Rise Comrades and listen to this episode just in time for episode 4 of the Americans.